Casa Privata Cesiomaggiore

Cesiomaggiore, Belluno - Italy
Hydronic system: Sphera 5.1
Year: 2021

Air conditioning for residential

Greater comfort and savings by replacing the natural gas boiler with a heat pump combined with photovoltaics

The owner of a 260m2 single-family house in reinforced concrete and masonry on three floors, 2 of which above ground and one underground, served by a natural gas boiler combined with radiant floors, wanted to increase comfort and at the same time reduce running costs.

The solution

unità esterna casa

The solution to his needs was a heat pump with SPHERA inverter technology that modulates its operation according to the real and precise needs for comfort, installed using the basement.
This way the owner has the desired temperature throughout the house at all times.
An 8,395 kWp photovoltaic system was installed on the roof and the old windows were also replaced with new triple-glazed windows with 0.82 W / (m2K) transmittance.
The improvements on the system and on the envelope have made it possible to reduce energy consumption and achieve energy class A2 with positive implications also from the point of view of management costs

List of units installed

unità interna della casa

  • SPHERA 5.1 (10kW)