Bolgare, Bergamo – Italia
Residential complex
Year 2019


Bio-district in Bolgare

An area of 36,000 square meters
for a new concept of living

Designed and built by Marlegno, specialized for years in the design and construction of wooden houses and buildings, it foresees the construction of 120 environmentally sustainable housing units rigorously made of PEFC certified wood according to the most modern production technologies of industry 4.0. and with air conditioning systems with very low consumption and and zero emissions in the environment.

Once completed, it will be one of the largest bio-district in Europe.

Villas, three-room and four-room apartments of maximum 2 floors, each with its own garden, the neighborhood will be residential in the best tradition of the construction company. In fact, since the early design stages, Marlegno has paid close attention to the care of every detail of the houses so that the comfort of living goes hand in hand with attention to the environment and energy saving.

The challenge

In the bio-district, the benefits guaranteed by a single wooden house are added and multiplied: closed the doors of each house, you can appreciate the silence, ensured by the excellent sound absorption properties of the wood ; the perfect climate produced by its high insulating value, which keeps the house warm in winter and cool in summer, reduces heating costs by up to 80%.

Another objective was to reduce energy consumption for the maintenance of indoor comfort, combining the choice of wood, with its excellent insulating properties, with air conditioning systems that exploited renewables and reduced energy consumption.

The high insulation led to the need to provide homes with an adequate indoor air renewal and purification system.

Another requirement was to simplify the systems for heating, cooling, air renewal and the production of domestic hot water.


The solution

The solution chosen is a compact aggregate that integrates architecturally by optimizing the spaces serving the systems and allows to improve efficiency and management.

Each housing unit is served by ELFOPack, the compact unit that heats, conditions, produces domestic hot water, renews and purifies the air and uses the ducts of mechanical ventilation for heating and air conditioning of the rooms, simplifying the system.

The unit is equipped with electronic filters with efficiency greater than 99.9% and active recovery of the energy contained in the exhausted air, ensuring clean air and energy saving.

The first batch consists of 20 ELFOPACK delivered in 2019.

The results

The protagonists are technology and renewable materials, such as wood, as well as renewable energy sources thanks to the heat pump technology on which the systems for indoor comfort are based.

The thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air, combined with the use of wood, with its high insulating power, has made it possible to reduce energy consumption and therefore the environmental impact.

Air quality is guaranteed thanks to an active filtration system with H10 equivalent efficiency, active on nano particles, viruses and bacteria.

Over a year of monitoring has confirmed the achievement of the objectives of thermal and acoustic comfort, well-being and energy saving.

The all in one solution made it possible to simplify the systems, freeing up space.


The team

Builder: Marlegno s.r.l. innovazione sostenibile

Installer: FAI S.r.l. Grumello del Monte BG

Clivet agency: Nava Forniture Industriali Gorle BG