ASD Team sport Isola

Isola della Scala (VR), Italy
Municipal swimming pool
System: hydronic AHU AQX
Year of construction: 2010
Year of retrofit: 2023

Air conditioning for sport

ASD Team sport Isola

ASD Team sport Isola is a sports centre in Isola della Scala equipped with an indoor swimming pool with two regular 25-metre pools for federation competitions and aqua fitness with water at 28.4 degrees and a seven-metre pool for children with water at 32 degrees. The centre also has an outdoor pool of over 700 square metres with relax areas and poolside bar, a bocce court homologated for national competitions, a gym and a large green area.

The challenge and the solution

Several thousand litres of water can evaporate from indoor pools in a single day. 
This moisture, combined with the presence of chlorine, can attack and erode the surfaces on which it settles, damaging concrete blocks, mortar joints, bricks, metal doors and lighting systems. 
Added to this, excessive humidity and inadequate air exchange can cause discomfort and negatively affect the health of users and staff.

In order to remove unwanted moisture from the pool environment and reduce potential damage, the pool had already been equipped with a central air handling unit, but as it was not made of suitable material, the uta deteriorated in a few years to the point of being unusable.

In 2023, the property therefore decided to rely on Clivet's expertise and install an AQX central air handling unit equipped with pre-painted steel internal walls, stainless steel internal components and painted fans to withstand the high stress of humidity and chlorine.

The unit is also equipped with a 'run-around' heat recovery coil that allows heat to be recovered from the exhaust air to pre-heat the supply air, increasing the efficiency of the system.

ASD Team sport Isola

The results

Thanks to the new AQX air handling unit, the air in the indoor swimming pools is always at the correct humidity, purified and at the right temperature to guarantee comfort and health for athletes and operators.

The property also has the security of a product that, thanks to the materials used, will last over time and that, thanks to the recovery technology adopted, will guarantee considerable economic savings in operation compared to the pre-existing solution.

The protagonists:

Ownership: ASD Team sport Isola
Clivet Agency: Tecnogest, Verona
AHU production: Clivet Air

Installed Clivet units: