Apartment in condominium

Belluno - Italy
Apartment in condominium
Split System - MULTISplit Cristallo
Year 2020


Apartment in condominium

Summer cooling and mid-season comfort for a 120 m2 apartment in Belluno.

The challenge

The owners of the building, a 120m2 apartment in a small condominium with 5 residential units, equipped with a heating system with condensing boiler and radiators, needed to cool the south-facing rooms, kitchen and living room, particularly hot in summer with a solution that guaranteed comfort, but with low running costs.
The system did not have to be visible from the outside and integrate with the interior furnishings.

The solution

The choice fell on a MULTISplit Cristallo system in efficiency class A +++, equipped with a wifi connection for remote control.

The results

The installed system allowed the owners to enjoy a "cool summer" without substantial changes in the electricity bill compared to the previous year.
The MULTISplit system was also used in autumn, winter and spring 2021. Belluno, indeed, has quite cold and rainy autumns and springs and the split was therefore used to heat the rooms without having to use the boiler.
In winter, the split system was used whenever the owners were away from home for several days, using the remote control through App for smartphone to find a cozy warmth when they came back.
Recently the couple has discovered the voice control via Alexa, very convenient when they are sitting on the sofa watching TV and want to change the temperature or turn the air conditioner on or off without having to use the remote controller or the smartphone.
The need for integration with the furniture has also been met thanks to the clean and elegant aesthetics of the indoor units. For the positioning of the outdoor unit, the small canopy above the door of the condominium was used, which is in fact invisible from the street.


The comment of the owners

Who would have thought that a simple split could be so useful? For years we have renounced to this convenience for fear of having a high electricity bill, but consumption is really low and the bills have not changed much. Among other things, we have lowered the gas bill, because in the mid-seasons we use the split which reaches the temperature we want much faster than turning on the boiler and allows us, when we are away, to turn it on for half an hour before returning in order to find the house warm.

The protagonists

Installer: Hydraulics Benvegnù, Belluno