New SCREWLine4-i

Feltre (Belluno)

SCREWLine4-i (WDAT-iK4) series is the new air cooled liquid chiller for outdoor installation, with R513A refrigerant, and inverter screw compressor.

WDAT-iK4 series is available with two energy versions Excellence (EXC) and Premium (PRM) and proposes very high seasonal efficiency values, SEER up to 5.39.

Excellence version (EXC):

Range 294 – 603 kW: Unit with 1 refrigeration circuit e 1 inverter compressor

Range 594 – 1423 kW: Unit with 2 refrigeration circuits e 2 inverter compressors

Premium version (PRM):

Range 281 – 577 kW: Unit with 1 refrigeration circuit e 1 inverter compressor 

Range 551 – 1339 kW: Unit with 2 refrigeration circuits e 2 inverter compressors


Further strengths

Eco-friendly solution

The use of R513A refrigerant, with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential = 631), guarantees a halved environmental impact compared to traditional R-134a refrigerant (GWP=1430).

Advanced technology

Inverter dual-rotor screw compressors, High efficiency EC fans with continuous speed regulation, Full aluminum micro-channel coils, are some of the technologies available on SCREWLine4-i.

Low noise operation

The WDAT-iK4 series offers 3 acoustic levels, without changing the unit dimensions:

  • Standard acoustic configuration (ST): basic version
  • Acoustic configuration with compressor soundproofing (SC): -3dB(A) compared to ST
  • Super-silenced acoustic configuration (EN): -7dB(A) compared to ST

Maximum adaptability

Capacity load from 100% to 15% and wide operating range from +50°C (full load) to -10°C of external air temperature, are able to satisfy the requirement of multiple operating conditions. Many options and accessories are available to suit the needs of each plant.

Compact Size 

Already complies with 2021 requirements

WDAT-iK4 is already conforming today with the 2021 stricter requirements with both energy versions Excellence and Premium.

Perfect for LEED     

All Excellence models and several Premium models satisfy prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area. Furthermore, they match the parameters of Credit 4 that allows to achieve 2 points (Leed 2009).


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