Sphera EVO Invisible

Feltre (Belluno)

SPHERA EVO Invisible

SPHERA EVO Invisible (MDAN-YMi + SRHME-IC) is the specialised autonomous split full DC inverter heat pump system designed to meet the heating and comfort requirements of single or multi-family houses with medium-low energy demand. SPHERA EVO Invisible represents another step towards eco-sustainability, as it uses only renewable energy and an ecological refrigerant: R-32.

SPHERA EVO Invisible has also a completely new look and, since the cabinet has been enriched with a flexible frame designed to cover any imperfections that may occur between the unit and the wall during the installation.

SPHERA EVO Invisible is available in four sizes from 4 kW to 10 kW.

Thanks to a dedicated App available for smartphone, it is possible to manage the main functions of the heat pump remotely, such as the scheduling of the system and the domestic hot water production.

Technical features 

New R32 refrigerant: more attention to the environment

The new SPHERA EVO Invisible system is the sustainable solution for air-conditioning and domestic hot water production, thanks to the introduction of the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of -70% compared to R-410A refrigerant. Clivet is among the first companies on the market to adopt this solution, confirming itself at the forefront in the use of new technologies and attentive to environmental issues.

Top performance, in class A+++
Improved performance guarantees A+++ class in heating at low temperature (35°C water supply).  The efficiency for domestic hot water production is also at the highest level, in fact it boasts class A+ with profile XL.

New features for all residential applications

SPHERA EVO Invisible allows heating, cooling, and from today also the production of domestic hot water up to 55°C, with a wide operating limit from -25°C to +43°C outdoor air temperature. To satisfy all applications and installation possibilities, it also offers new features to meet all applications and installation requirements, such as the double set-point for the supply water temperature, the possibility of setting the climatic curves in both heating and cooling and the silent function for night-time operation.

Great application versatility for every type of system

  • high-efficiency circulation pump with variable flow rate
  • increased circulator for high-pressure drop systems (optional)
  • 24 kW condensing boiler to meet high heat output requirements (optional) 
  • possibility to extend the volume of domestic water up to 200 and even 300 litres (optional) 
  • 50 litre inertial storage tank (optional)
  • management kit for two hydraulic circuits with different temperatures (optional)
  • complete solar thermal kit (optional)
  • Smart Grid function


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