null New Split Lineup 2023

New Split Lineup 2023

Feltre (Belluno)
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The main news are:

  • SINGLE Split EZCool: essential and elegant design, high efficiency in class A++/A+, sizes 27M-35M-53M-70M, possibility of Wi-Fi connection, horizontally and vertically adjustable louvers
  • New CONSOLE 3 for MULTI Split and Light Commercial Systems: model with an aesthetic and designer front panel, particularly compact with only 200mm depth, and with dual top and bottom air delivery
  • Updated DUCT 2: new compatibility in MULTI Split system for the size 70M
  • Updated Hydronic module for MULTI Split systems, for the production of water up to 60°C, also manageable via App, with the introduction of the possibility of simultaneous operation with IDUs in heating mode