Feltre (Belluno)

Clivet offers a complete range of direct expansion solutions with units equipped with inverter technology and ecological refrigerant gas R32, which achieve efficiency class A+++ both in heating and in cooling.

The operating range is extended in heating down to -30°C outside air temperature and in cooling up to +50°C to meet the needs of comfort even in the most challenging climatic situations.

The units are equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi kit for remote management through NetHome Plus App for Android and iOS devices.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the "Intelligent-Eye" sensor, which through a motion sensor detects the presence of people and, according to this parameter, activates, pauses or deactivates the unit operation. It is also possible to decide whether the air flow must follow or avoid people.


The new 2020 range

  • ALTO Design: new appearance and position of the logo in the outdoor units


Single Split

  • NATIV: entry level Single Split and MULTISplit system, Wi-Fi optionally selectable

Light Commercial

  • 9kW and 12kW systems, with Ceiling/Floor, Cassette 900x900 and Duct indoor units

Indoor Units

  • Tower for Light Commercial systems, typically used for the conditioning of large rooms thanks to the long air blow
  • New 5kW size Console for MULTISplit or Light Commercial systems, equipped with standard Remote ON/OFF 
  • The Duct unit now mounts the condensate drain pump as a standard and has a simplified filter extraction

Control systems

  • New "Premium" wired controller, which allows the user to manage new functions with the Duct and Ceiling/Floor unit