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New primary air unit Fresh Large EVO

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The new Fresh Large EVO represents a further step forward in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) world in the direction of the technology innovation, air quality and efficiency

This packaged and completely autonomous series renews and purifies the air, and, through the full inverter thermodynamic circuit, recovers the exhaust air energy and efficientely transfers it to renewal air.

The Full inverter technology refers not only to refrigerant circuit, but also to fans; constant airflow is ensured as well its modulation according to CO2 concentration indoor.

With this new solution ventilation load is satisfied all year long. In addition, a substantial contribute to internal load satisfaction is ensured even under challenging conditions.

With 3 sizes, Fresh Large EVO (CiSDN-Y EF 1 S) is available for airflow from 300 a 2.500 m3/h and represents the ideal solution for both commercial, applied and large surface residential application, both existing and new buildings.

In addition, carboon footprint has been reduced by more than 90% thanks to the adoption of ecological low GWP R32 refrigerant.

Main features:

  • Exhaust air energy recovery with active thermodynamic recovery;
  • Full inverter technology (compressor and fans);
  • R32 refrigerant  reduced charge (up to -60%) a lower GWP vs R410A (-90% of carbon footprint);
  • Contribution to the satisfaction of internal loads even at extreme temperatures;
  • High efficiency filtration with iFD technology;
  • Absence of contamination between exhaust and intake air flows;
  • Smart free cooling and indoor air quality management;
  • 30% recycled EPP structure for maximum acoustic comfort and thermal insulation, as well as ease of transport and installation;
  • Low noise thanks to the silent and super silent modes;
  • Extended operating range down to -20°C in heating mode;
  • Easy system design due to the fact that all components are already integrated;
  • Advanced remote control and monitoring solutions std Modbus port;
  • Special attention to unit reduced height, for an high installation flexibility.