Multifunctions Clivet units

Feltre (Belluno)

Clivet Multifunction heat pumps are EUROVENT certified.

Clivet participates in the EUROVENT certification programmes, the European certification company that verifies and promotes the culture of transparency in the energy performance of the participants' units.

The certification process concerns all Multifunction heat pumps range up to 600kW.

Performances are verified in certified laboratories according to rigorous test protocols based on the following European regulations:
- EN14511-2018: Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for space heating and cooling.


Clivet certified series
Clivet multifunction heat pumps certified are:

  •  WSAN-XIN MF 18.2-45.2 
  •  WSAN-XEM MF 50.4-120.4
  •  WSAN-XSC3 MF 90.4-240.4
  •  WSHN-XEE2 12.2-80.2

Performances are available on Eurovent website.