ZEPHIR3: Весь свежий воздух в единой системе с термодинамической рекуперацией энергии

Renovation and purification of air for central installation of block of flats


from 1000 to 14000 m3/h, full fresh air
renovation and purification
thermodynamic heat recovery

Air renovation monoblock unit, with extraction / expulsion and thermodynamic heat recovery, reversible heat pump technology for indoor and outdoor installation.  

  • high air quality: air renovation without contamination between flows and high filtration efficiency with electronic filters
  • autonomy: elimination of hydraulic pipes, not gas
  • sustainable investment: 50% reduction in primary energy consumption and more than 50% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • unparalleled energy efficiency: annual cycle heat pump technology with active thermodynamic recovery, dc inverter
  • industrialisation of the plant with the elimination of 80% of works

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