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ELFOEnergy Storm - Full DC inverter heat pump

Feltre (Belluno)

ELFOEnergy Storm (WSAN-XES), with capacity from 53 kW up to 85 kW, is the new air cooled heat pump series, equipped with the most advanced Full DC Inverter technology and R-410A refrigerant, for outdoor installation.

Full DC Inverter technology
 Very high seasonal efficiency: SCOP up to 4,18, which reaches the A++ class according to EU Regulation 811/2013 (ErP) with low water temperature (LWT 35°C); SEER up to 4,70 which makes it extremely competitive even compared to the cooling only units;
 Full load efficiency: Class A Eurovent in heating and in cooling;
 Wide operating range: heating operation from + 43°C to -15°C of outdoor air and in cooling from +48°C to -10°C;
 Capacity modulation from 30% to 100%;
 3 selectable sound levels: standard mode, silenced, super silenced.

Modular Design
ELFOEnergy Storm id designed for modularity. It is possible to connect up to 16 units in a local network, reaching a maximum capacity of 1360 kW and up to 4 units connected hydraulically. The combinations can also take place with different capacity units. The modular system, obtained by combining several modules, preserves the strength of the single module, but multiplies the advantages:
 Increased system efficiency;
 Higher reliability;
 Simplified handling and installation;
 Quick and easy maintenance;

Application Versatility
All the main system components are integrated in the unit, assuring the best reliability and an easy installation:
 Hydronic assembly with 1 inverter pump;
 Hydronic assembly with 1 on/off pump;
 3-way valve for the domestic hot water production;
 System storage tank of 170 (size 18.2-20.2) or 275 liters (size 25.2-30.2-35.2).

Perfect for LEED
All models satisfy prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area of LEED certification.