On the 8th and 9th of September 2015, the kick-off meeting of the BuildHEAT research project for building energy requalification took place in Bolzano, at Eurac's (European Academy of Bolzano – coordinator of the project) headquarters.


The 18 members, including Clivet, will be working for 48 months on a 7 million euro project funded by the European program for research, Horizon 2020. The aim is to create intervention packages and tools that reduce power consumption for building inhabitants by up to 80%.


Clivet will participate in BuildHEAT, by developing with CIRCE, the Spanish Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption, a plug & play complete solution for heating, cooling, air renewal and purification and domestic hot water production for individual apartments. The apartments will also incorporate intelligent photovoltaics, exploiting as much as possible the local instantaneous energy production, in order to reduce operating costs of the indoor comfort heating and cooling system.


The BuildHEAT project will develop complete solutions for apartment buildings energy requalification: from a prefabricated solution for the insulation of the front of the building, which in addition to lowering the fuel consumption will accommodate solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic panels, to year round air conditioning systems.


The 18 partners have already agreed on the first three apartment buildings, with 50-80 flats each, in Rome, Zaragoza and Manchester where technical operations and financing strategies will be tested.