Feltre (Belluno)



This ambitious Italian designed and executed project aimed at returning the landscape and environment of the territory that has been ravaged by centuries of excavation. The realization of PortoPiccolo in Sistiana is a prestigious project of environmental requalification and an opportunity for economic development of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.


This small village, set in the Gulf of Trieste, is located directly on the Adriatic Sea.  
460 prestigious residential units, public and private beaches, parks, bars and restaurants, excellent retail units, 5-star hotel, marina with 124 berths and a large spa area make PortoPiccolo a real city where excellent housing, luxury and relax come together with the best energy use


Great attention to the protection of the environment has been given in the design and implementation of the project and entire complex construction, which uses solar and geothermal energy. The complex is surrounded by nature and merges with it. 


For the project sea water is used as the source of heat exchange. This renewable resource is stable all over the year and supplies water at favorable temperature to the loop serving the high efficiency Clivet heat pumps. These produce chilled and hot water plus and domestic hot water for the different buildings: hotel, spa, residential units, commercial areas etc.


The distribution of hot and cold fluid is through radiant panels, Clivet fan-coils and heated towel rails. 


The system uses different renewable energy sources such as sea and sun, with real energy saving and very low operating costs. 


Air conditioning systems are easily accessible and perfectly integrated in the architecture.


The design is inspired by environmental sustainability and efficiency; it offers complete thermal and acoustic comfort to the individual users, bearing in mind the contemporary social activities near the residential units.


For Porto Piccolo Clivet has supplied over 600 heat pumps and terminal units, contributing to the achievement of the energy efficiency class A of this new development.