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The well established brand name for water source heat pumps

The Versatemp system has been produced since 1964 and sold world wide, achieving many awards for design and efficiency.

Our range of reverse cycle water to air heat pumps is well suited to hotels, offices and retail units alike.

Clivet, the manufacturer of a comprehensive range of Versatemp products also offer all the essential services to ensure your installation is supported from the earliest design stage through the entire product life cycle.

Clivet Group UK Limited provide:

  • Air-conditioning/Heat pump products
  • Sales and technical support
  • Commissioning
  • Service and maintenance
  • Spares
  • Decommissioning and disposal

The concept of Versatemp

The Versatemp reverse cycle heat pump system works on a simple, reliable and proven principle.

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, a discreet, uninsulated two pipe water loop interconnects each area or room’s Versatemp terminal units and the building’s heat injection and rejection plant.

The water loop is kept within a generous operating temperature band (20-40 degrees centigrade) throughout the year, with the terminal units either taking heat from the water loop or rejecting heat into the water loop.

Only when the demand for energy exceeds that already in the water loop, does the heat injector or rejector operate – either to provide or dissipate the energy balance. As the heat injector and rejector never operate together they do not compete against each other, thereby conserving energy.

This provides the building with year-round, simultaneous heating and cooling, the system achieves a thermal balance for much of its operation, thus enabling dramatic energy savings to be realised, particularly in mid-season. In the UK this can be typically 60% of the year.

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