Trento - Italy
Industry for the production of glass containers
System Packaged
Year 2020



Packaged System – CSRN-XHE2 HSE + CKN – XHE2i for the industry which produces glass containers

Vetri Speciali is a worldwide leading company in the production and distribution of specialized glass containers for the food industry, whose headquarters are located in the historical heart of the city of Trento.

Completed in October 2016, the Gardolo factory is dedicated to the production of clear glass of exceptional purity and cleanliness.

This plant is the result of an effort to include, in a glass factory with the most innovative technologies, all the experience collected in the already existing Vetri Speciali factories. In one year we have undertaken and completed the re-industrialization process of a production site in disuse and the result is a plant that places the company in the scenario of the most cutting-edge technology.

The challenge

Vetri Speciali SpA, always at the forefront for its technological choices and always attentive to environmental aspects, required an air conditioning system for the production departments with greater heat production that guaranteed maximum energy savings, the total elimination of local emissions from combustion and the maximum comfort for its employees.

Clivet rooftops for Vetri Speciali SpA

Clivet system

The chosen system is composed of 3 packaged Clivet heat pumps, capable of heating and cooling large surfaces.

They also have the task of filtering the indoor air and introducing fresh air.

The results

The realization of this plant has allowed to obtain numerous advantages:

  • maximum energy saving
  • total elimination of local emissions from combustion
  • maximum comfort for employees
Clivet rooftops il sistema Clivet - Vetri Speciali 1

Clivet units

Packaged System:



Vetri Speciali Air Conditioning System - rooftop

The team

  • Installer: Gruppo Sovecar – Climacenter, Trento

  • Designer: Studio T.E.S.I., Trento

  • Owner: Vetri Speciali S.p.A, Trento

  • Clivet Agency: Ognibeni Alberto, Trento