Rimini - Italy
Packaged + hydronic system
Year 2018


Amintore Galli Theatre

Comfort for the Galli theatre in Rimini

The Theatre Amintore Galli (before 1947 called Theatre Vittore Emanuele II) is the main theatre in Rimini.

It was inaugurated in 1857, damaged during a earthquake in 1916 and almost destroyed during an a bombardment the in 1943. Only the facade and a part of foyer remained untouched.

From 2014 to 2018 there were rebuilding works and finally on October 28th, 2018 it was reopened after 75 years of closure.

The challenge

The main challenge was assuring comfort fro spectators and operators as far as the high efficiency. The building had “green”.

The architectural challenge was even bigger, because the new structure left only small places and corridors to the technological installations.

The new systems also had to be quick and easy to install.

Last but not least, the new system had to guarantee comfort with maximum reliability and simple management.


The solution

In order to assure the comfort of parterre and galleries of Galli Theatre, the choice was a packaged system with 5 air cooled heat pumps for high attendance ClivetPack2 CSNX-XHE.

These have CO2 probes in order to modulate the renewal air supply according to the needs, automatic Freecoling and high efficiency active thermodynamic energy recovery on the exhaust air.

The units are connected in parallel and managed by a remote management and supervision system.

The stage is served by air handling units supplied by a WSN-XEE high efficiency heat pump.

The results

The system guarantees the temperature, humidity and air quality control and offers a superior comfort to the operators and spectators thanks to its high silence.

The compactness of the units chosen and the fact that they integrate all the components of the system, made it possible to speed up assembly and testing and to adapt to the architectural spaces.

The technological features of the units allow decreasing the energy consumption and the management costs. Heat pump technology uses the indirect solar energy contained in the air as a renewable energy source without any local emission of combustion gas fro a green building.

The parallel connection of the units made it possible to create a system that combines flexibility of use with maximum reliability since any failure of one of the units does not interrupt the operation of the others.

The remote management and supervision system allows to always have the whole system under control via web, even through smart-phones.


The system

  • 2 air-cooled heat pumps WSN-XEE
  • 5 rooftop packaged heat pumps for high attendance CSNX-XHE

Teatro Galli

The team

Owner: Rimini Town Hall
Architectural design: Arch. Maria Grazia Federico - Arch. Giorgio Franchini - Prof. Arch. Emma Mandelli
Plant design: Ing. Lanfranco Ricci, Studio TI
Installer: Idrotermica Coop Soc. Coop., Forlì - Per. Ind. Valentino Catufa
Clivet agency: ML Group