PORTOPICCOLO - Luxury town

Sistiana, TS - Italy
Apartments, Hotel, spa, Shops 
Oceano-thermal WSHP System
Year 2014-2015


Small Port of Sistiana

The former quarry becomes a Class A luxury village

Conceived from an environmental requalification project of the former limestone quarry of Sistiana and costing 245 million euro for a period of 20 years, PortoPiccolo was renamed the “Little Montecarlo" of the northeast. This is a really self-sufficient city, able to offer excellent homes for relaxation and luxury intended to attract over 2,000 visitors daily, for a total of 900,000 people yearly. 


The Challenge

  • abatement of energy consumption and exploitation of the local resources such as sea water and groundwater 
  • elimination of local emissions of CO2 and exhaust gas 
  • a remarkable flexibility of the use of the systems, that could respond to the great climactic variability bound to seasonality, so as to have a sustainable village also from the economic standpoint.
PORTOPICCOLO - Luxury town

Sistiana, TS - Italy
Apartments, Hotel, spa, Shops 
Oceano-thermal WSHP System
Year 2014-2015

Sistiana small port

The complex

456 residential units, 830 underground parking and 393 alternate rotational underground parking lots, 32 commercial units, one wellness centre and a SPA of 9,000 sq. m, a 5-Star luxury hotel, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, an extensive beach resort and a marina for 120 boats .

The team

Committente: Serenissima SGR, Rilke
Progetto architettonico: arch. Francesco Luparelli
Sviluppo progetto architettonico e strutturale: Archest
Progetto impiantistico: SGM Consulting and SIMM Masoli Messi
Imprese impiantistiche: Fabbro Vanni, Ranzato Impianti, Idrotermica Buttrio, Tecnoterm
Management: Bovis Lendlease 

The solution

Solution based on the technology of the ring of water that uses sea water as a water change source. Furthermore, the system is predisposed for the exploitation of groundwater issuing from the cracks of the limestone comprising the quarry floor and goes onward to the seabed.

This renewable resource has stabilised with time, supplying water at temperatures always suitable to the technical ring, which serves the entire bay with the 18 thermal power plants and fridges installed at different points, equipped with high efficiency Clivet water-to-water reversible heat pumps.

The Clivet heat pumps produce hot and cold water, as well as sanitary water for various users: from the hotel, to the SPA, residential units and commercial areas. They supply energy only where needed according to the principle of decentralization and modulate their own functioning in relation to the specific requests for comfort and external conditions, exploiting in the interim seasons, also the free cooling function. 

The distribution of the hot or cold fluid inside the different buildings comes about through radiant floors, high efficiency and utmost silent Clivet fan coils, and towel heaters. All the heat pumps are powered exclusively by electric energy, as also the induction stoves, completely eliminating the use of gas and fuel. 

In the village there are moreover 200 sq. m of solar panels positioned on the roofs of the modern buildings, that contribute to high efficiency heating of sanitary hot water.

The system

  • 17 water-to-water reversible heat pumps on the fridge circuit ELFOEnergy Ground Medium WSHN-XEE sized 162 to 802 and for the heating and cooling, and production of sanitary hot water
  • 611 ELFOSpace terminal units sized 3 to 11
  • 3MW total refrigerating capacity
  • 200 sq. m of solar thermal panels for the production of sanitary hot water  

The results

To obtain excellent results, the use of decentralisation and modulation was fundamental and inspired the air-conditioning system, which accurately responds to the demands of comfort, optimising the use of resources according to the occupation of the buildings in the various seasons, and the climactic changes.

The completely electric power feed of both the heat pumps and the various household utilities enabled the complete elimination of exhaust gas emission for a totally green city.

Not even the automobiles can circulate in the village and all the parking lots are underground. Also, the challenge of acoustic comfort was fully achieved through the installation of glass sheets specialised in acoustic control, and which offer an acoustic abatement of 45 dB (-1: -5), and Clivet ELFOSpace terminals with sound emissions of only 44db (at 1 metre).

"The foreseen savings based on energy analysis performed and the elevated efficiency of the systems installed, range between 30 and 40% with respect to a traditional system"

ENG. MASOLI - Designer of the Clivet systems for the Sistiana area.

WSHP System

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ELFOEnergy Ground Medium

ELFOEnergy Ground Medium

The new, highly efficient geothermal heat for the generation of heat and cold, and production of sanitary hot water Equipped with modular scroll technology, it is ideal for partial loads. 



ELFOSpace BOX2 thermal unit was designed to be installed in the false ceilings without needing any additional component for its functions. The unit in fact is equipped with a suction grid and four outlets with adjustable deflectors for air diffusion.

ELFOSun Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels