Settimo Torinese, Turin - Italy
The largest Retail Park in Italy
Packaged System
Year 2019



Packaged system,
VRF system, Hydronic system, Mono split system
Total Gla: 69,000 square meters (+11,000 potential)
Year 2019

Clivet returns to the largest business park in Italy.

Originally opened in 2011 with 43,000 sqm of retail space, Settimo Cielo Retail Park has recently expanded adding an additional 26,000 square meters dedicated to shopping and food outlets.
Today it is the largest retail park in Italy with a GLA of 69,000 square meters and 4500 parking spaces.
The new area hosts more than 42 shops, one of the most modern and large food courts opened in a business park and employs over 600 people.
With the expansion, the business park expects to double annual visitors to 8 million.

Settimo Cielo retail park, the building and the parking

The numbers

40 million euros, (120 million euros considering the first development); 18 months of construction, 700 employees in addition to the 500 involved in the fit-out of shops and clubs, and in total 260 companies involved.

The solution

To ensure sustainable comfort for 8 million visitors, Clivet has supplied over 50 air conditioning units including:

  • 12 rooftop heat pumps for medium customer traffic applications CLIVETPack2, equipped with double refrigerant circuits andh modular scroll compressors, for continuous capacity regulation according to the required energy demand, ventilating section with electronically controlled plug-fan technology for a finer regulation and new Thor thermodynamic recovery technology, which increases the energy recovered, improving the overall efficiency of the units. They also have an air quality probe to control the CO2 rate in order to vary the flow rate of the renewal air according to the CO2 concentration in the environment.
  • 1 full inverter rooftop heat pump for small and medium surfaces SMARTPACK2
  • 7 water chillers and heat pumps ELFOEnergy (Extended Inverter, Sheen and Edge) with inverter compressors which are able to promptly modulate output according to the real energy requirement.
  • 1 ELFOEnergy Medium heat pump with multiscroll compressors
  • 27 hydronic ELFODuct terminals, Elfospace BOX and ELFOSpace Wall series.
  • 1 mono split Crystal system with ecological R32 refrigerant 
  • 1 mini VRF system with inverter compressor

For Clivet this is a "return" to the Settimo Cielo, as it had provided the WLHP systems for the first phase of the commercial park in 2011.

The numbers - Settimo Cielo retail park

The results

A functional system, with spaces designed to innovative and provide avant-garde retail and work environments, equipped with the most innovative "green" technologies. Clivet systems have enabled the creation of an Energy Class A + Commercial Park, designed to offer the best shopping experience possible both in terms of space distribution, comfort and environmental sustainability.

The plant - Settimo Cielo retail park

The team

Real Estate Property: Settimo Sviluppo SpA
Construction of new spaces: Building SpA
Design: Building Engineering and Boffa Petrone & Partners
Installation of plants: Lauria Impianti
Promoter of expansion: Promocentro Italia Srl
Marketing and management: Cushman & Wakefield