Republic of San Marino
Luxury Outlet
System: Rooftop + Hydronic + Air renewal
Year: 2021


San Marino Outlet Experience

A luxury outlet for a unique and sustainable BREEAM-certified experience

The Market San Marino Outlet Experience, with a surface area of about 17,000 square metres of Gla, which is destined to grow to 25,000 square metres to accommodate about 2 million visitors every year, offers a welcoming environment with modern and refined design and prestigious fashion brands. A wide choice of restaurants on an area of almost 1000 m², and elegant meeting lounges for exclusive events, contribute to making the centre a commercial and promotional landmark. SMOE is inspired by modern architecture, but recalls in its shapes, materials and colours the characteristics of San Marino.

The challenge

An outlet with design that has been studied down to the smallest detail, with luxury brands to attract high-profile tourists from all over the world, could only be an excellence also in terms of comfort and environmental sustainability.

The solution

In order to meet these requirements for comfort and air quality in the shops while saving energy, the principle of decentralisation was used. Each shop is served by a SMARTPACK full inverter rooftop heat pump which adapts its operation according to the crowding (CO2 probe in the room), as well as the required temperature. In this way, each shopkeeper is independent in managing the comfort of his shop and can ensure that his customers always have clean air at the right temperature, without wasting energy.
The office building, on the other hand, is served by a hydronic system based on 3 AQX air handling units, a WSAN-XIN MF multi-function heat pump and a ZEPHIR3 packaged air renewal unit equipped with active thermodynamic recovery and electronic filters active on pollen, fine dust, mold, smog, smoke, viruses and bacteria for the health and comfort of employees.
A photovoltaic system capable of generating over 300 MWh per year, which covers 38% of the total energy requirements of the common areas, powers an outdoor area reserved for electric vehicles with 38 recharging stations and LED lighting systems, contributing to the sustainability of the centre.

The results

The great attention paid to ensuring respect for the environment, the adoption of plant solutions and architecture to guarantee both energy and water-sanitary needs, minimising consumption, maintenance and operating costs, have made it possible to achieve excellent environmental performance and maximum wellbeing for visitors and operators.  
San Marino Outlet Experience complies with certifications attesting its eco-sustainability and with the BREEAM protocol, one of the most affirmed international certification standards for building sustainability.
The Matket's project won THE PLAN AWARDS 2016 in the Retail Future Project category.

The protagonists:

  • The protagonists:
  • Ownership: The Market PropCo
  • Promoters: Borletti Group, Aedes SIIQ, DEA Real Estate Advisor and VLG Capital
  • Architectural design: One Works, Milan
  • Plant design: Deerns Italia, Milan
  • Main Contractor: Colombo Costruzioni
  • Certification: Macro Design Studio, Milan
  • Clivet agencies: Ml Group, Rimini and Deltati, Como
  • Design: Technion, Lecco 
  • System installation: Gianni Benvenuto with New Gattei impianti - Republic of San Marino and Sintech - Republic of San Marino  

Installed units

  • 86 SMARTPACK CKN-XHE2i rooftop heat pumps (of which 51 size 7.1 - 29 size 10.1 - 4 size 14.2) with CO2 probe and room remote control
  • 3 AQX air handling units (sizes 7, 5, 2)
  • 1 multifunction heat pump WSAN-XIN MF 30.2
  • 1 ZEPHIR3 air renewal and purification unit (size 4)