Koceljeva, Belgrade - Serbi
Fruit juice production
Packaged – CSRT-XHE2
Year 2020



Among the leaders
in the production of fruit juices

Rauch Serbia Doo is one of the European leaders in the production of fruit juices, with 200 employees and solid values ​​such as the constant motivation of its employees and a continuous struggle to reach high quality standards in its production processes.

The challenge

The company needed a plant that would contribute to reducing management costs in order to be competitive in a very competitive market. Reducing the operating costs of air conditioning systems and energy consumption for air conditioning was therefore very important.

It was essential to have compact units that would adapt to the small spaces available and allow quick installation and connection.

Given the great variability of the Serbian climate, a high climatic adaptability of the air conditioning systems was needed, which had to guarantee constant temperature and humidity to guarantee the quality of the juices that the company produces.



The solution

Rauch has chosen two autonomous high efficiency air-cooled rooftop heat pump air conditioners, which integrate all the main elements of the system within the units.

The units are equipped with free cooling, heat recovery and automatic control of the air flow according to the real needs.

The results

The technological features such as freecoling, heat recovery and automatic air flow control allow you to reduce energy consumption and consequently management costs and at the same time to guarantee the right temperature all year regardless of the climatic conditions.

The compactness and the packaged construction of the units made it possible to respect the architectural constraints and reduce installation times and costs.

Clivet products

2 Rooftop CSRN-XHE2

The protagonists

Clivet distributor: KOTLARNICA d.o.o., Serbia