Oros Feltre

Feltre, Belluno – Italy
System: Packaged
Year: 2022



company founded in 1999

OROS operates in several sectors within the wider field of  micro-mechanics. 

The production primarily focuses on the medical, dental and optical sectors, as well as on micro-mechanics more in general. 

The challenge

The 1000-square-metre OROS factory is located in Feltre (Belluno), an area where the climate at the time of the building was not very hot in summer.
In recent years, however, rising temperatures, combined with the heat released by machining operations, have made the working environment uncomfortable in summer.
The owners therefore decided to equip the factory with an air-conditioning system to allow employees to work in optimal temperature and humidity conditions even in summer and, in the process, to improve the quality of the air they breathe.

The solution

In combination with the air extraction and exhaust systems in the production department, the unit ensures that the correct amount of fresh air is supplied, filtered and brought to the right temperature.  The plant is also constantly dehumidified.
All this while saving energy thanks to the full inverter technology, which allows the unit's operation to be adapted to actual needs and respecting the environment. The high efficiency of the system is combined with the adoption of the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant gas for a company where comfort is not at the expense of the environment.
Finally, the Clivet Eye cloud-based supervision system has been installed, through which remote monitoring and management of the unit can be guaranteed.

The owner's comment:

"Finally, my employees and I can work well also in summer and in addition to having the right temperature all year round, we breathe clean air."

The protagonists:
Owner: OROS Srl - Feltre - Belluno Italy
Installed Clivet units:
Clivet Pack3i CSRN-iY 40.4 rooftop full inverter air cooled heat pump, R32