23/11/2010 - SALES MEETING, ROME NOVEMBER, 18-20 2010

From 18th to 20th November, Clivet Group involved its sales force in a sales meeting concerning subjects of topical interest such as climate changes, green revolution and new energy policies in the suggestive Rome, being guests of two important centers of the Italian Government: Palazzo Marini and the Sala Capitolare del Senato e della Repubblica.

Clivet vision of the future found its expression and confirmation in the account of three important personalities: Gianni Silvestrini, Kyoto Club Scientific Director and author of “La corsa della green economy. Come la rivoluzione verde sta cambiando il mondo”, Andrea Molocchi, in charge of the Centro Studi Amici della Terra and Tommaso Franci, consultant and researcher in energy policies.

In 2010 the Delibera ARG/elt of April, 19th 2010 of the Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica ed il Gas, the Piano Straordinario di Efficienza Energetica and the Prima Conferenza Nazionale sull’Efficienza Energetica of May 2010 acknowledged the strategic role of heat pumps in reaching the “20-20-20” objectives and their great efficiency. For this reason Clivet team named its yearly sales meeting “The energy re-evolution. From products to systems for energy saving”.