SPLIT system

The SPLIT systems are the direct expansion solution for all year round air conditioning of residential buildings, small business activities.
Both source and user side, are based on the direct heat exchange between refrigerant and environment.
The system terminals, i.e. the indoor units, are part of the refrigeration circuit: the evaporator in the summer operation, the condensator in the winter operation.
The vector fluid is the refrigerant itself. The air renewal can be entrusted to an air renewal unit with thermodynamic recovery and electronic filtration.

Why choose a SPLIT system


Indoor units from class A+ to A+++ thanks to the inverter technology and electronic controls, that provide only the capacity needed, reducing the energy consumption


The reduced GWP index of the R-32 refrigerant, used in the MONO and MULTI SPLIT systems, guarantees CO2 emissions significantly lower than those of other HFC refrigerants.


Intelligent sensors provide the ideal comfort in function of the presence and activity of people in the rooms. Advanced controls as the Rapid Cooling/Heating allow an easy access to the required comfort.


The Smart Kit and the App - available both for iOS and for Android - allow you to control the air conditioner operation in any situation. The App offers greater functionalities and makes the systems easier to use.

The system's elements



System with capacities from 2,5 to 7 kW for small flats with low thermal requirements. For each outdoor unit can be combined with one indoor unit.

The wall-mounted indoor units are available from class A+ to class A+++. All the series use the ecological refrigerant R-32


System with capacities from 4 to 12,5 kW for flats with more than one room to be air conditioned. To the outdoor units can be combined up to 5 indoor units with separated circuits. This allows you to set a different temperature for each room.

All the series use the ecological refrigerant R-32.

The outdoor units are available in the Dual, Triple, Quadri and Penta versions depending on the number of indoor units that can be combined.

Availibility of Cassette, horizontal ductable, console, cased ceiling or floor indoor units from class A+ to class A++.


System with capacities from 3,5 to 16 kW for light commercial. The standard system is made up of an outdoor unit combined to an indoor unit.
To improve the air distribution in irregularly-shaped rooms, it is possiblle to combine a second indoor unit (TWIN configuration) that will operate under the same conditions as the first one.

The outdoor units provides the heating and cooling energy adequate to meet the needs of the served environments.

Indoor units available: Cassette, horizontal ductable, console, cased ceiling or floor, from class A+ to class A++.

All the series use the ecological refrigerant R-32.

Others system's elements

Domestic hot water production

Air cooled heat pump for domestic hot water production with 180 or 280 l tank.

Air renewal

ELFOFresh2, the air renewal unit with electronic filtration and thermodynamic heat recovery

Best practices



Noventa di Piave, VE - Italy
Outlet Village, 55 shops
Split System
Year 2009