La Marmorata, Sardinia - Italy
Hydronic System
Year 2019



Hydronic system
for the 4 stars hotel with particular structure built as a terrace following the profile of the promontory

Only 60 km from Olbia, Marmorata Village stands on the top of a promontory overlooking the islands of La Maddalena.

With two terrace structures called Maddalena and Caprera it has 597 rooms and two-room apartments.

A little train connects the structure with the beach.

The challenge

Ensuring the simultaneous production of thermal and cooling energy in a plant becomes very important, when the structure is a hotel with different air conditioning needs depending on the areas served to meet a continuous and high demand for comfort for customers.

The other challenge was to adapt the system to the particular structure of the hotel built as a terrace following the profile of the promontory.

Last but not least, the air-conditioning system had to ensure a reduction in operating and initial investment costs.


MARMORATA VILLAGE air conditioning plant

The solution

The comfort of customers and operators is guaranteed by 12 ELFOEnergy Magnum MF (WSAN-XIN MF) multifunction heat pumps of different sizes, each installed on a step of the terrace on which the structure stands.

The combination of continuous capacity modulation that allows to adapt the power supplied to the real needs of the plant and the recovery of energy in areas with opposite needs or for the production and hot water production allows a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

The results

The technologies adopted have made it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and consequently operating costs.

The initial investment has been reduced thanks to the fact that the main elements of the system are already on board and this reduces installation time and costs and thanks to the tax incentives that these units can access.

The other result obtained was to have a system that would perfectly adapt to the architectural constraints of a structure built in steps along the slopes of the promontory with limited space available.


Clivet products

12 ELFOEnergy Magnum MF - WSAN-XIN MF Multifunction heat pump with hot/chilled simultaneous water production for outdoor installation

The team

Owner: Aeroviaggi SpA

Installation design: Studio Tecnico Ing Sindoni - Palermo

Installation: Impresa Pusceddu – Olbia

Assistance center: CLIMAT&C - Olbia 

Clivet Agency: Sorin Group . Palermo