Assago, Milan  - Italy
Drive restaurant
Packaged System
Year 2016


Clivet Systems for Kentucky Fried chicken in Assago: one of the most popular restaurant chains specialized in fried chicken


Born in the USA in 1930, Kentucky Fried Chicken is today the most popular chain of restaurants coocking chicken with more than 21,000 KFC outlets in 125 countries and territories around the world. It employs over 750.000 people.
KFC has arrived in Italy in 2014 with the objective of opening 100 restaurants in the next 5 years.
On November 23rd it has opend its nineth restaurant in Italy and has choosen Clivet systems for the comfort of its 
customers and operators.
Clivet solution for restaurants consists of specialised units, with automatic operation, for both the dining area and the kitchen.
To ensure the environmental comfort of the customers in the dining room, the system uses a unit with integrated air renewal. The CLIVET PACK CSNX-XHE2 is able to eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria thanks to the use of electronic filters. The unit keeps the air at the correct temperature and humidity.
With the air quality probe for CO 2 control, the flow of fresh air is varied in relation to the occupancy of the dining room.
In the kitchen, the comfort of the chefs and other personnel is assured by the use of a full fresh air rooftop unit, CLIVET PACK CSRN-XHE2- FFA, which heats/cools and dehumidifies the supply air, whilst compensating for the air volume removed by the extraction hoods.
The use of the CLIVET systems can result in an energy saving of 50% compared to a traditional system and a significant annual reduction in CO 2 emissions, in the region of 12 tons depending on restaurant size, equal to the CO 2 emitted by a mid-sized car that goes two times around the world.