Single-family houses with almost no energy consumption and multi-family houses with autonomous system

Completed system and autonomous installation by air, for houses nZEB= almost nul energy consumption.
A single unit uses air renovation pipes to heat, cool and summer deshumidification. 

  • heating
  • cooling
  • air renovation
  • domestic hot water production
  • mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic recovery
  • electronic filtration
  • summer deshumidification
What ELFOPack offers
  • Total safety and ecology: not GAS, only renovable energy
  • Installation flexibility: in the balcony, in the staircase, in the storeroom
  • Increase of the value of the house with a high management costs saving
  • Easy management and maintenance of the unit


Technical features

  • Air flow rate up to 400 m³/h of which up to 100 m³/h of renewal
  • Available with R-410A gas
  • 180 l domestic hot water storage tank
  • 30% reduction of ventilation consumption thanks to DC motor
  • Heat recovery from the extracted air both in winter and summer through a thermodynamic circuit