Ravenna - Italy
Private health structure of excellence 
Hydronic System 
Year 2019



Hydronic system
Year 2019

The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre is a private health care facility, accredited by the National Health System, specializing in the care of patients treated by oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber.
In operation for over 20 years, it is considered to be a centre of reference and excellence for its achievements in patient care, research projects and for its training.  The Ravenna Hyperbaric Centre has its own internal Wound Care Centre and in a few short years, it has become the regional and national reference point for the treatment of wounds that are refractory to closure using traditional treatments.

The challenge

In 2018 the center renewed its air conditioning systems to increase patient and staff comfort and eliminate the use of gas.

Centro Iperbarico Ravenna

The solution

For heating and cooling, two Clivet ELFOEnergy Magnum heat pumps have been chosen, each with a double refrigeration circuit, to guarantee the operation of the system even in case of partial failure.

Their very high energy efficiency is made possible by the inverter technology, which makes it possible to modulate the power supplied to the actual needs of the system. In this way it was possible to reduce energy consumption, which is completely covered by the photovoltaic system installed on the roof, built and designed by the Ubisol Group, which specializes in solar energy and in the construction of properties with zero bills.

Finally, domestic hot water is produced by recovering the heat generated by compressors for hospital use.

The results

The new air conditioning systems has increased patient and staff comfort and eliminate the use of gas.

In this way, the Centro Iperbarico in Ravenna has confirmed itself as a center of excellence not only from a medical point of view, but also from an environmental point of view.

 Centro Iperbarico Ravenna internal view

The team

  • Realization of plants: UBISOL - Rimini 
  • Plant design: Per. Ind. Marco Bottega - Rimini