Milan - Italy

Office building





Hydronic system with Clivet AQX air handling units
Year 2018
LEED Gold certification

One of the two buildings of Casa Siemens, the one inaugurated in March 2018, which has an area of over 15 thousand square meters, for about 1,000 employees, is in Milan in the Adriano district.

The challenge - Casa Siemens

The challenge

Sustainability in urban redevelopment

The objective of the project was to create a structure capable of ensuring the highest climatic and visual comfort levels, with a considerable energy saving.

Casa Siemens - plants

The solution

The air renewal and purification, important elements within the parameters required for obtaining the Energy Class A and the LEED GOLD Certification, were entrusted to Clivet which installed 23 AQX air handling units, the new generation of high performance air handling units from 1'300 to 100,000 m3 / h (from 350 to 28,000 l / s) in residential, commercial and industrial applications. AQX was chosen for its great application flexibility ensured by 32 standard sizes with air speed between 2 and 2.5 m / s.
The airflow can be widened up to 160,000 m3/h (44'400 l / s) with a speed of 4 m/s in heating only.
Width and height can be customized with 50 mm pitch to answer all needs of applications with architectural constraints. As required in this project, AQX also ensures maximum efficiency and low management costs both annually and throughout the entire life cycle, thanks to the total thermal cut between double-walled panels and aluminum structure, optimized heat exchangers, multiple filtration systems of  (from G2 up to H14 according to CEN-EN 779), to high efficiency fans and motors, to energy recovery technologies and to the accurate construction and robustness of the components for maximum durability.