Private House Feltre with Superbonus

Feltre, Belluno – Italy
Hydronic system: Sphera BOX and ELFOFresh EVO
Year: 2021

Air conditioning for residential

Renovation of single house of 120 m2

Comfort and savings: high efficiency heating, air conditioning and dehumidification and photovoltaic for the house in class A4

The challenge

The owner of the building, a masonry single house of 120 m2, on two floors served by a gas boiler, wanted to undertake a renovation that would allow him to reduce management costs and ensure comfort both in winter and in summer. In this season, the temperatures are not extreme, but there is high humidity, which makes the air unpleasant. All with particular attention to the environment.
The restructuring also included an extension.

The solution

unità interna casa privata

From a structural point of view, the house was equipped with a 14 cm rock wool coat, and the old windows were replaced by wooden-effect PVC windows in bleached oak with triple glazing.
From the plant's point of view, the old gas boiler was replaced by a heat pump, combined with underfloor heating for the winter season and one external accumulation tank, for the supply of domestic hot water all year around.
The heat pump was installed in a small utility room.
For air renewal and purification, a fundamental element to ensure a comfortable environment in a house with high thermal insulation, a controlled mechanical ventilation system was installed with the thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air, ELFOFresh EVO, which in summer also guarantees the dehumidification. 25 m2 of photovoltaic panels with a peak power of 5.10 kW have been installed on the roof, combined with a storage battery that allows you to use the energy produced during the day, stored in the batteries, without having to buy it from the grid, maximizing the self-consumption of energy produced by the photovoltaic system. Induction plates have been installed in the kitchen to avoid any gas need in the complete house.

I risultati

The efficiency of the heat pump system, combined with the contribution of photovoltaics and thermal insulation, has made it possible to achieve A4 as a house-specific energy class and to reduce operating costs.
The house is also completely free from combustion emissions, satisfying the environmental sustainability requirements expressed by the owner.
Thanks to the air renewal and purification system, which also acts as a dehumidification system, the owner was finally able to say goodbye to the hostile summer.
The owner comments: “The mechanical ventilation system was a nice surprise. Here the outdoor temperature can be 30 or 32°C, but there is so much humidity, in summer can be extremely unpleasant. The ventilation system allowed me to decrease the humidity rate and to reach a high comfort level in the house even in summer. I have real experience of the fact that it removes moisture. The house was almost completed, few interventions were missing including the connection of the ELFOFresh with the drain pipe for which we had placed a bucket to collect the condensate water. One evening I went out to eat pizza and left the ELFOfresh on. On the way back, the bucket was full! "

The protagonists:

  • Client: Grando family, Feltre, Belluno
  • Architectural design: Arch. Ennio Trento, Feltre, Belluno
  • Plant design: Tecnotherm di Turra S. e B., Feltre - Belluno
  • Plant installation: Zabot Emanuele, Feltre - Belluno

List of unit installed

  • ELFOFRESH EVO size 2