MV6i is the new series of VRF heat pump outdoor units with a capacity ranging from 25 to 90kW, designed for single module installation.



EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressor technology

  • Extended operating range down to -25°C in heating mode and from -15°C and 48°C in cooling mode

  • High heating capacity at low ambient temperature: full nominal capacity kept down to -5°C, 90% down to -15°C, with a 20% increase compared to previous M5 series

  • Compressor operation allowed down to 7% for the maximum part load system efficiency


Innovative EMS (Energy Management System)

  • Evaporating and condensing temperature is automatically modulated as function of actual operating conditions, to enhance comfort and energy saving

  • Possibility to limit maximum capacity supplied by outdoor unit down to 40% minimum to overcome possible limitations on power supply


Additional strengths

  • Multiple operating mode priority available (automatic, cooling priority, VIP indoor unit, heating only, cooling only)

  • Smart input/output contacts (operating mode switch, alarm output)

  • 2-stage subcooling circuit by plate heat exchanger intercooler

  • Refrigerant-cooled electronic boards through a patented double-U shape circuit

  • Heat exchanger surface increased through high efficiency micro-channels

  • Fan motor with increased external static pressure for ductable airflow

  • Eurovent certified series


  • VRF-MV6i ENG

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