poseidon summer school, photonics for health

22 June 2017
Feltre (Belluno)

On June 22nd, in Feltre at Clivet SPA took place the the concluding day of the Poseidon Summer School, the training event aimed to disseminate the results of some European projects dedicated to the applications of photonic devices in the "Health" field, in particular on the Poseidon Project.


During the meeting Bruno Bellò, founder of Clivet, Isella Vicini from Warrant Group and Roberto Pierobon from Protolab gave the Certificates of attendance to the attendees coming fron all over Europe.


The last developments of POSEIDON Project:

Despite some issues related to the results obtained from the Legionella detection sensor prototype testing, the work is progressing and Clivet is ready with 3 off ELFOFresh 70 units to start tests in its laboratory using harmless synthetic samples of the bacteria. After this initial testing, the Clivet units will be transferred to an external laboratory for tests with the real bacteria.


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