New hydronic SAHU

Feltre (Belluno)

Hydronic SAHU with onboard electronical control are available from today. This series is perfect for 2 or 4 pipes air conditioning systems.

Electronical board allows the whole control of the unit for both horizontal and vertical models and comes complete with a wired user keyboard. This configuration joins the already appreciated units without control or with direct expansion coil to be connected to Clivet VRF systems.


  • electric panel, outside the unit for easy maintenance,
  • electronic control board, allows the complete control of the unit
  • HiD-T2 user keyboard with cable connection up to 15m, easy and intuitive
  • RS485 communication module with ModBus protocol, possibility to manage master/slave minirete up to 8 units
  • Plug-Fan radial fan with brushless EC motor, very high energy efficiency IE4
  • modulating valves for 2 or 4 pipes, great flexibility in applications

The new SAHU units replace the CF and CF-V series.


  • DF20I031GB-01.pdf

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