new versatemp evh-xs: high energy efficiency in only 254 mm of height



VERSATEMP EVH-XS is the new reversible water loop heat pump with reduced height for horizontal installation on ceiling, for all year round air conditioning WLHP or WSHP systems with closed loop and disposable water source.

Main features

  • High Energy efficiency 
    The unit includes an horizontal high efficiency rotary compressor with ecologic refrigerant R-410A, mechanical expansion valve, plate exchanger on the source side and multi-speed EC-fan with brushless motor assembly.
  • Low noise and new design 
    VERSATEMP EVH-XS combines the reversible heat pump Clivet technology with the reliability of the recognized VERSATEMP system into a product as versatile as a fan-coil. Vibrations and sound emissions are drastically reduced thanks to the constructive solutions including the new automatic control.
  • High versatility of installation and use.
    Thanks to the minimum height only 254 mm is perfect to be installed in ceiling on the most architectural applications. The EVH-XS is rich of accessories and has  specifically designed hydronic pipe works that allow a perfect integration to different systems: water loop with constant or variable flow or disposable water type.
  • Easy installation.
    The unit is extremely compact and includes all components which are necessary to the installation. The heating/cooling energy generated by the unit is directly conveyed to the space.

The feeding water can arrive from WLHP systems with free energy transfer,  WSHP, from natural source water, well.

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EVH-XS is part of Clivet VERSATEMP System, including a wide range of horizontal ductable, vertical and rooftop models for medium/highly-attendance application. This system is perfectly matching the innovative Zephir3 make-up air system with integrated thermodynamic heat recovery based on the reversible heat pump technology.