The 4-storey building welcomes its guests into a large common area and 162 double rooms furnished with natural materials and colors, all with independent Wi-Fi connection, 42-inch flat-screen TV with AirPlay technology, connectable to any device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
Built in less than nine months thanks to the all-Italian wooden prefabricated modular structure, the Marriot International three-star hotel is characterized by the innovative construction technology, the youthful and contemporary design, the technologically evolved services and the affordable costs.
The building is also characterized by its high energy class, maximum soundproofing and comfort, to which Clivet has given its contribute with its air conditioning and air treatment systems.
The cooling of Moxy Hotel is committed to a multi-scroll technology liquid chiller Spinchiller2 ensures maximum energy efficiency thanks to electronic expansion valves, high efficiency plate type evaporators and the use of uneven scroll compressors on the same circuit. Thanks to the multi-scroll technology, Spinchiller2 in the seasonal operation, as well as at full load. 
The heating system takes advantage of the Milano Malpensa Airport district heating, giving a further contribute to reduce the environmental impact and to save energy.
The air renewal and purification of the lobby and the 162 double-rooms are managed by three heat pump units Zephir3 with active thermodynamic recovery and high efficiency electronic filters active on nanoparticles, PM10, bacteria, pollen.
The active thermodynamic recovery, based on the reversible heat pump technology, exploits stale as thermal source, assuring very high efficiency, also thanks to the variable capacity compressor and the electronically controller fans, eliminating the drops of passive recovery.
The power generated substitutes most part of the power produced by the cooling plant or absorbed by the district heating, without fossil fuel and eliminating the conventional hydraulic circuit.
In this way Zephir3 of construction work, with a Total Life Cycle Cost saving in line to the highly-innovative concept developed and launched by Marriot International (a world leader in its sector, with 4000 hotels in 79 countries around the 
world), in partnership with Vastint Holding B.V. of the Property Division of IKEA Group. for the first ‘cheap hotel' of the Marriott Hotel chain.