MIPIM Cannes premia Fondazione Feltrinelli

MIPIM Cannes awards Fondazione Feltrinelli


Feltrinelli Porta Volta – developed by COIMA which is also its asset and property manager – is the first public Italian building signed by Herzog & de Meuron and the new headquarters of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation and Microsoft House. It is an inclusive space accessible to all, designed to promote dynamic participation in an ongoing dialogue with the city and the international context. 

The building has an energy class B and has also achieved the LEED Silver certification.

Clivet has contributed to reach the LEED certification with its high efficiency monobloc units for “four-pipe” centralized systems for office buildings, residential complexes, hotels, hospitals and industrial facilities characterized by the simultaneous demand of heating and cooling.
These units use ground, well, river, lake or sea water as a source and it is able to provide both simultaneous and independent heating and cooling. Providing cooling power to the areas of the building that require it, they absorb the heat load and transfers it to areas which are requiring heating, and vice versa. They are able to satisfy the opposite demands in any proportion.

When the thermal and refrigeration load are equivalent, the recovery is total without the use of the source. When the refrigeration load is predominant, the excess of energy is dispersed on the water source. When the thermal load is predominant, the energy required is taken from the water source (renewable source according to the RES Directive).

In order to further increase the seasonal efficiency, these units adopt the use of different capacity scroll compressors on the same circuit, ensuring maximum efficiency at part load operation. Total primary energy savings may reach 50%.