UV-C germicidal lamps are available for the following series:

  • CSRN-XHE2 15.2-44.4
  • CSRN-XHE2 49.4-110.4
  • CSNX-XHE2 12.3 - 44.4

This new accessory is a well-established technology in HVAC application and is effective against viruses like SARS-COV2 and main bacteria like Legionella, etc. 

Combined with already available solutions and features on our rooftop, as electronic filters, fresh air and supply air management modes, Clivet ensures high quality of indoor air, comfort and safety for people.

UV-C lamps use ultraviolet radiation to purify the air from the development of bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses. For this reason they are called germicidal lamps. 

Their effectiveness is proven by many years of scientific experimentation and use in the world of HVAC. Recent Italian and Japanese studies have demonstrated the effectiveness on Coronavirus SARS CoV2 (known as Covid-19) by defining the dose of UV-C rays required to deactivate it. 

The bactericidal and virucidal action is achieved with low pressure mercury lamps through the direct radiation of the air flow with a wavelength of 254 mm. 

In rooftop systems, UV-C lamps are installed downstream of the handling coil and act directly in the air flow and on the irradiated surfaces, such as the handling coil and the drain pan. The radiating power is sized to be effective on viruses like SARS-COV2 and main bacteria like Legionella, etc. 

The option is installed and wired on the unit and is active when the supply ventilators are working. The radiation is completely contained and shielded inside the unit to avoid accidental contact with people; in fact, exposure to the rays without the necessary safety devices can cause skin burns and damage vision. Unit is provided with aluminium fan impeller. 


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