ELFOEnergy Edge EVO Hybrid and Sphera EVO BOX Hybrid

Feltre (Belluno)

The Clivet range of all-electric heat pumps for heating, air conditioning and the production of domestic hot water in individual homes and condominiums has been expanded with SPHERA EVO BOX Hybrid and ELFOEnergy Edge EVO Hybrid, the hybrid heat pumps with 24 or 34 kW boiler, ideal for homes where it is necessary to maintain a radiator system, or in particularly cold climates.


ELFOEnergy Edge EVO Hybrid

  • external installation, external wall garden or in the balcony
  • adapted to houses with a low-medium energy demand
  • ideal with combination with underfloor/wall/ceiling heating and fan coils
  • combinable with domestic hot water tank of capacity suitable for your home
  • Hybrid version combined with Clivet 24 kW or 34 kW boiler with instantaneous domestic hot water production

Sphera EVO BOX Hybrid 

  • completely replaces traditional fuel or gas boilers.
  • ideal for offices or homes where a specific volume of domestic hot water is required
  • tre diversi accumuli ACS forniti separatamente 200 (New), 300 e 500 anche con solare.
  • 40 litre inertial storage tank Optional
  • Hybrid version combined with Clivet 24 kW boiler with instantaneous domestic hot water production
  • APP dedicated to heat pump


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