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New Edge F heat pump

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Edge F (WiSAN-PME 1 S) is the innovative air-cooled heat pump for outdoor installation, with R290 refrigerant and available in 7 sizes from 4 to 15 kW. The R290 refrigerant is characterized by a very low environmental impact index (GWP = 3) and excellent thermodynamic properties. Edge F is therefore the solution that can guarantee high performance while safeguarding nature. 

  • For the future: Propane is a natural refrigerant, already complying with the most stringent European regulatory developments, such as the f-gas regulation;
  • Extended operation range: the operation range is among the most extended on the market. Edge F is able to produce supply water at 75 °C down to -10 °C outdoor air, ensuring reliable operation in heating down to -25 °C outdoor air: this makes it an excellent alternative to traditional gas boilers;
  • New user experience: new control system with full-colour user interface developed to ensure maximum usability with Clivet design;
  • Tailor-made: thanks to the numerous combinable accessories, integrated pump and expansion tank, a "tailor-made" installation is guaranteed, allowing any system requirements to be met;
  • Top performance: improved performance guarantees class A++ in Medium Temperature (55 °C water supply) class A+++ in heating in Low Temperature (35 °C water supply). Edge F is also effective in cooling with SEER values up to 5.86;
  • High quietness: excellent acoustic comfort, with 2 specially developed operation modes to further increase quietness;
  • APP connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity for connection with the dedicated APP, which allows you to manage all the main functions of the heat pump;
  • Control4 NRG: Edge F is also an essential part of the Clivet Smart Living concept, thanks to its compatibility with Control4 NRG, the control that can govern the operation of the entire system, ensuring ease of use, high performance and improved comfort in all environmental conditions;
  • Smart-grid and photovoltaics: the SG function for operation in an advanced electrical grid and/or in conjunction with a photovoltaic system, guarantee versatility in application and great attention to the environment.