comfort for the planet & people, clivet answer to cop21



Climate change is happening now: temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting, glaciers and snow are melting, and the global mean sea level is rising. We expect that these changes will continue, and that extreme weather events resulting in hazards such as floods and droughts will become more frequent and intense.

Most of the warming since the mid -20th century is due to the increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations as a result of emissions from human activities. 

The global temperature has risen by about 0.8 ºC over the past 150 years, and is projected to increase further. Exceeding an increase of 2 °C above pre-industrial temperatures raises the risk of dangerous changes for global human and natural systems.


The international Paris Climate Conference, the 21st Conference of the Parties, known as COP21, has recognized the goal to limit the global mean temperature increase since pre-industrial times to below 2 °C


How can we achieve this? 


The conference Comfort for the Planet & People: Clivet answer to COP21 (Room Gamma - MCE - March 17th - h 2.30 pm) wants to give a concrete answer to this question.


Through the intervention of Paolo Corazzon the 3B Meteo meteorologist and Luca Stefanutti of BMZ Impianti MCE visitors will have an overview of the current situation and future scenarios in terms of global warming and regulations on sustainable air conditioning. 

Guido Davoglio of Tekser design firm will then present the results achieved in the redevelopment of a prestigious building in Milan, Palazzo Edison, using Clivet Enhanced Hydronic System.

The participant will have the opportunity to better know this system both during the conference and at Clivet booth (Pavilion 22 Booth P39 S32 - S42 P41).


The conference has a limited number of places. Participation is free, subscribing by March 9th, 2016.


 Download the program and the application form.