08/04/2009 - clivet in holland

After the successes of Klimahouse and Termoidraulica Clima in Italy, ENEO in France and ISH in Germany, Clivet, European leader in air conditioning and treatment, will take part in Klimaatvak 2009 – Gorinchem, Holland on 21-24 April, the Dutch fair for air conditioning and treatment systems.
From booth 290 Clivet will present to the Dutch market its revolutionary system for total comfort in residential environments ELFOSystem Gaia Edition, and the innovative heat pump ELFOEnergy Gaia, the heart of the system.


ELFOSystem GAIA Edition is the residential air conditioning system which guarantees 360 degrees comfort all year round in one system: heating, cooling, fresh air, purification and production of hot water. It is efficient, flexible and able to meet the most varied requirements of new and existing systems.

The heart of ELFOSystem GAIA Edition is ELFOEnergy Gaia, a heat pump that produces heating and cooling energy integrating within itself all the components of a heating plant, including production of domestic hot water with 200-litre storage and connection to solar heating panels. Compared to traditional systems, ELFOEnergy Gaia is able to exploit solar power in all its forms.
Gaia allows solar energy to be used in all its forms, both direct-captured through solar panels-and indirect, that is, stored in the air, water and ground, which can be captured using devices like heat pumps. By means of an intelligent captivation system and the use of these two forms of energy, ELFOEnergy Gaia guarantees all the system's requirements, independently choosing whether to draw from one source rather than another and always privileging minimum consumption and maximum efficiency.