clivet at expo 2015: over 100 units installed



Over 100 Clivet units, made in Italy will provide sustainable comfort to EXPO 2015 and the 20 million visitors expected. The Universal Exposition that from May 1st to October 31st will host more than 140 countries and international organizations involved in the biggest event ever organized about feeding and nutrition. 


Clivet rooftop units, chillers, heat pumps, direct expansion water cooled condensed units, terminal units, air handling units and air handling systems with electronic filtration will ensure total and high efficiency comfort to the self-built pavilions of Oman, Qatar, China, Angola, Santa Sede, Mexico and Vanke China. Vanke China is the first pavilion in 163 years of Universal Expositions completely devoted to a Chinese multinational.


40 Clivet Rooftop units will guarantee high efficiency comfort to the Service Infrastructure, the wooden green structures which will provide all that is necessary to visitors and people working in Expo 2015: bars, restaurants, restrooms, shops, assistance and security areas.


Clivet air handling units and heat pumps will contribute to comfort and air quality for Palazzo Italia, the heart of EXPO 2015. 


Clivet is also providing equipment in the Expo Center, one of the four cardinal points of the Cardo and Decumanus, offering a large space for indoor events, which will host the television studios involved in EXPO 2015. The office building will remain also at the closing event.


Finally, Clivet chillers are being supplied for the Expo 2015 Village in Cascina Merlata, near the EXPO area, which will house the facilities for staff, volunteers and representatives of countries and exhibiting companies. At the end of EXPO 2015 the village will be converted into residences and services.