buildheat: clivet elfopack will be tested in zaragoza

14 March 2017
Bruxelles (Belgio)

On March 14th in Brussels, the BuildHEAT project review meeting took place, presenting the European Community the description of the first 18 months of operation. The project officer (Dominique Planchon) gave his positive opinion and underlined the active participation of all partners. An important role in the success of this important energy efficiency program is played by the technologies used in various case histories.
Clivet ELFOPack will be installed in an apartment buildings in Zaragoza, where the technical operations and the financing strategies developed by BuildHEAT will be tested (the other devices for energy saving in apartment buildings will be installed in Rome and Manchester).
After the review, on March 15th and 16th the 5th Technical Meeting was held. 
As far as Clivet's technical contribution is concerned, the communication between ELFOPack-Inverter (Circe) and ELFOPack-Gateway for monitoring (Schneider) were tested with positive results.
In addition, the possibility of integrating an inverter in ELFOPack was verified.
Clivet is therefore ready to make the first integration of the whole system and start the functional tests. These are scheduled for mid-May 2017.
This project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme under GA no. 680658".