16/05/2012 - Clivet at the Conference "Terza Conferenza Nazionale sull'Efficienza Energetica"

On 30th and 31st May, 2012 in Rome, at the Conference Center of Palazzo Rospigliosi, it will take place the "Terza Conferenza nazionale sulle rinnovabili termiche" promoted by the environmental association AMICI DELLA TERRA.


The Conference, which fits into the campaign "Italy Efficiency", started in 2007 during the launch of the Community Strategy to 2020 on energy and climate, will discuss "hot topics" such as socio-economic benefits of the European strategy on energy and climate and of the contribution that renewable energies can give. The conference will be a comparison between regional representatives, manufacturers, administration, which will illustrate the potential of renewable energies for the environment and will debate on critical issues that hinder their development.


Clivet's presence will have a central role, testifying with the presentation " Soluzioni applicative industrializzate basate sulla pompa di calore: best practices a garanzia di un'ampia diffusione " the practical results in terms of primary energy savings and utilization of renewable sources obtainable with heat pump systems in new or retrofit residential buildings.


To enable the conference participants to touch "the heat pump technology", Clivet shows in a dedicated area, near to the conference room, GAIA Aria, the heat-pump system that enables the use of renewable solar energy in all its forms.


The entrance to the "Terza Conferenza nazionale sulle rinnovabili termiche" is free of charge, by filling out the registration form at the following link [Register].