8 months: inaugurated the new Moxy Hotel in Linate

8 months: inaugurated the new Moxy Hotel in Linate

Linate (Milano)

Built by Wood Beton, general contractor of the project, in just 8 months, the Moxy Hotel in Linate has 200 rooms. The total area of the hotel, developed on 6 floors, is over 7 thousand square meters with lobby area and service area on the ground floor.

The hotel was built according to an industrialized construction system, which uses prefabricated three-dimensional X-lam wood modules, with finishes and systems already integrated and built in factory.

Clivet has contributed with its "plug & play" systems to the fast realization, total comfort of customers and staff, maximum energy efficiency, management cost reduction.

The air-conditioning system chosen for this hotel is Clivet enhanced hydronic system, the modular industrial solution for comfort in hotels, offices, restaurants, entertainment areas, hospitals, meeting rooms, shopping centers.

Heart of the system is ZEPHIR3, the autonomous outdoor air renewal and purification unit with active thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air and electronic filters able to guarantee 99% purified air with continuous extraction of stale air to eliminate internal pollutants. 

The building load is satisfied by the heat pump SPINCHILLER3, characterized by high seasonal efficiency thanks to the modular Scroll technology, versatility, reliability, thanks to integrated automatic functions such as HydropacK, free heat recovery, low/high temperature operation.

This system ensures an overall energy saving of more than 30% in annual operation, cuts down 35% of indirect CO2 emissions (considering the equivalent CO2 generated by the production of electricity) and eliminates direct CO2 emissions thanks to the fully electric operation of all the components of the system