Reale estate awards A crowded Versace Theatre for a wonderful Oscar night. Over 700 building society managers, architects, lawyers and financiers took part to the 4th Edition of the Ballo del Mattone in Milan on the 9th June. The 9th June was also the first day of EIRE, the real estate trade show for the Italian and Mediterranean market.

It was a very prestigious edition of the "Real Estate Awards" with the presence of stategic protagonists such as Roberto Formigoni, the Lombardia Region President, Giovanni Bozzetti of Infrastrutture Lombarde, Enrico Pazzali, Fiera Milano Managing Director, Antonio Intiglietta, Ge.Fi. President, the Councillor Gianni Verga, the Architect Dante Benini, Edoardo Safdie, Gaetano Maccaferri, Manfredi Catella, Aldo Mazzocco, Cesare Ferrero and Paolo Ligresti.

Bruno Bellò, Clivet President, took part to the Dinner too and he had as guests at his table some of the most interesting planners in Milan: the Engineer Gianfranco Ariatta of Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi, the Dr. Arturo Busà of Hilson Moran Italia, the Engineer Gianluigi Marazzi of Planning, the Engineer Guido Davoglio of Tekser, the Engineer Alfio Puglisi of Progetto CMR and the Dr. Gaetano Viero of Manens Intertecnica.

The Outlet Village McArthur Glen in Noventa di Piave, air-conditioned by Clivet, the Carosello Shopping Centre and the Milan Ex-Sieroterapico have been shown to the partecipants during the event.