19/07/2010 - workshop on comfort with confindustria

The heat pump technology, strongly supported by the European Community and the Authority for Electricity and Gas, protagonist of the event promoted by Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and Clivet, that on July 15 opened the doors of its establishments.

Following the great interest of the innovative meeting with the entire chain on May 21st, on July15th 2010 Clivet opened the doors of their establishments to Confindustria in a meeting that involved the President of Confindustria Veneto Andrea Tomat and the President of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti Vascellari Valentino, and representatives of major trade associations and many companies in Belluno.

With the theoretical and practical workshops 'TODAY THERE ARE ALREADY KNOWLEDGES AND MEANS FOR ALL WHAT THE HUMANITY NEEDS, WITH GREATER EFFICIENCY, SAVING ENERGY AND USING RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES", Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, in order to develop local companies involved in a plan for global sustainable development "Think Global Act Local", wanted to present Clivet, a reality that has been able to set a model of sustainable development of systems and applications, considering early the future market trends.
Clivet for over 20 years has been offering its customer solutions for heating, cooling, air purification and renewal, focusing on heat pump systems based on the green economy principles, assuring 50% primary energy savings compared to traditional solutions that use natural gas or gas oil.
Thanks to these solutions, the company is among the three top Italian manufacturers for the air conditioning and heating commercial sector, using the heat pump technology, technology that in 2009 was finally introduced into the RES Directive (Renewable Energies Sources Directive 2009/28/EC), starting a revolution in the air conditioning and heating sector, that in Veneto will increase the employment.