May 21st, 2010, heat pump systems are going to replace in the next 10 years traditional heating systems and strongly supported by the European Union and the Authority for Electricity and Gas in Italy, were the protagonists of an event of more than 150 people by Clivet in Feltre.
A year after the Open Day for 20 years of Clivet, the company has always pioneered the technology for a comfort that takes care of man and environment, in collaboration with the wholesaler Climatec of Santa Giustina, launched a new way to approach the whole chain of heating and air conditioning systems with an event dedicated to local authorities, designers, installers and distributors.

The purpose of the innovative event "TECHNOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT AND TERRITORY combined into one project based on renewable energy" was to show that the heat pump technology is the future of air conditioning systems, systems that specializes Clivet , claiming leadership in many market segments with important collaborations with leading groups such as McDonald's, Bennett, Auchan, McArthurGlen, IKEA, NH Hotels, Warner Village, UCI Cinemas, the Microsoft.

Clivet president Bruno Bellò said: "The heat pump technology is certainly connected to the territory of Belluno with potential development of the renewable energy sector employment and represents at the same time the future of our environment and a valuable aid to achieve the objectives assigned to Italy for increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption. "

The event was also an opportunity to satisfy the curiosity expressed by many customers to visit the 50,000 square meters designed by Clivet to its factories and touch ELFOSystem Gaia Edition, the revolutionary heat pump designed for comfort and energy saving all year round for residential single and Vulcan Medium, the heat pump that uses the renewable energies designed for new blocks of flats and retrofit.