Feltre (Belluno)

Stand Clivet - MCE 20107 all year round distinctive systems based on heat pump technology
18 new products that reduce the primary energy consumption of 50%
3 Products awarded by the Politecnico di Milano and exposed in the "Verso la Classe A 2010"

These were the values that Clivet presented at the 2010 edition of Expocomfort held from 23rd to 27th March 2010 in Milan.

The fair has seen the participation and involvement by Clivet of over 42 distributors from all the world, the representatives of 8 office branches and many installers and designers that took part in conferences organized by Clivet for them.

A position of great visibility has been given by the presence of three products Clivet ELFOSystem Gaia Edition, ELFOFresh2 and Vulcan Medium, selected from the Polytechnic of Milan and exhibited at the dedicated booth "Verso la Classe A 2010, where the best 30 products and systems presented at Conference and Exhibition 2010 were showed.


Clivet's booth presented many new products and systems including the most important:
- New GAIA Acqua: the full DC inverter heat pump
- New ELFOFresh2: the system of renewal and purification with active thermodynamic recovery for residential
- New VULCAN Medium: high temperature heat pump up to 100kW, ideal for blocks of flats and hotels
- New ELFOEnergy Large2: New heat pump in A class from 80 to 200 kW
- New SPINSAVER: Monoblock unit for the production of hot and cold water simultaneously and independently
- New SMARTPACK: new roof-top units with high efficiency for the light commercial sector
- New CLIVETPACK FFA air-conditioned roof top unit 100% fresh air
- New ZEPHIR2: renewal and purification air system with active thermodynamic recovery for commercial sector
- New EQV-X: New console units for WLHP installations

The activities on the stand and the innovative products and systems generated a great number of visitors and a particular involvement by various stakeholders to Clivet innovative systems.

All the latest news and information presented at the fair for each product and system are already available on the website