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Dear Customer,

    Clivet is working from years to propose to the market systems able to fulfill the maximum confort for a long period with high reliability, efficience, quality and safety. The aim of the Company is to bring to the customers evolved systems, which are able to allow the highest comfort, reducing the energy consumption, the installation and maintenance costs for the whole life cycle of the chillers. Our after sales service works in this environment, in order to guarantee the maximum support for all the activities related to the start up, the ordinary and extraordinarily maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact our dealer in your Country for every request: he will assist you promptly, and involve us in the event he needs further specific assistance.


The warranty terms for the overseas market are different among the countries, because of different commercial agreement between Clivet and its partners. We recommend to contact your local dealer for further information, or contact us if you are unable to reach him.




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